May Favorites - Natural Beauty, Vegan Fashion, and Supplements!

Well, hello and welcome back to the blog people! Today I am so happy to be sharing my May favorites with all of you. I love watching favorites videos and reading everyones blog posts and in this post I'll be going into detail about what my current favs are as well as sharing my youtube video where I talked about all of these goodies in more depth! Lets get on in with it! 

Natural Beauty 

Manuka Honey & Cacao Face Mask - 

I first got this idea from Holistic Habits on YouTube and I have had it in the back of my mind for months now. I opened up my cabinet and realized I had a lovely little pack of organic raw cacao I could of been using over and over by now. I already LOVE the benefits of using raw Manuka honey on my skin and combining these two beautiful ingredients together is pure magic. 

The benefits of these two bad boys are endless: 

SUPER antioxidant packed


CALMING to the skin especially those with ACNE or REDNESS

Deliciously RELAXING and has the most delightful scent!

OH and it's 100% edible. It's a win win win! 

I just do equal parts honey and cacao and mix it together until its a gooey mask! Smear it all over yo clean, dry face! 

Facial Cleansing Brush - 

This is SUCH a game changer for me! My skin was super dry and flakey up until purchasing this brush. My skin gets really dry and flakey if I don't exfoliant it regularly and after using this I immediately can tell a huge difference. My skin is baby butt smooth after using this brush! It's good to get a nice exfoliating done every few days or so! I've been loving this and I purchased it from Walgreens.

Thrive Market - 

The Thrive Market App is such a fantastic find for me and anyone else who loves their healthy foods, supplements, and products. If you become a member you get a percentage off all of the site products!!! It's like Amazon for health nuts!

AND if you use my link here you get 25% off your first purchase: 


Friends + Gilmore Girls T's -

Need I say more to any of the following? Everyones two favorite shows and Target is now carrying both of these! Say whaaaat. PS. The Friends T-Shirt I found in the guys section. 

Target's New Disney Line - 

They. Have. So. Much. From cute little Mickey and Minnie beach towels to fancy dog bowls. They have everything and it was so hard not to go way overboard. 

Ripped Denim Boyfriend Jeans - 


I have been looking for a pair of affordable and super cute boyfriend jeans for quite some time now and I think I found them. They are so cute, so comfortable, and very affordable. You can find them at Forever 21 here: 

Vegan Luxury Leather Bag - 

This has to be one of my favorite finds this month. I have been looking for a vegan luxury bag for a while and this one just popped out to me while I was at Marshalls the other week. Yes, you read that right. MARSHALLS! They are actually labeling most of their vegan bags now on the tags and this one was my favorite. Super cute and it can fit my MacBook Pro in it! It was also on sale for only $25! I KNOW! 

Healthy Drinks + Supplements 

GT's Trilogy Kombucha - 

I've been on a kombucha kick lately and this has to be my current favorite. The flavors are so refreshing, fruity, and the perfect summer drink!

Maca and Cacao Powder - 

Lastly, these two gold mines. Maca is my new favorite supplement to add into all my smoothies. I used to use this back when I worked at a raw cafe a few years ago. It's great for balancing out hormones and it has a delicious, sweet flavor. The cacao powder is packed full of antioxidants and body loving ingredients! You also can't go wrong with a nice chocolatey smoothie from time to time...or everyday.  

We have now come to the end of the post. SO sad I know...but don't forget to head over to watch my Youtube video featuring all of these fun favorites. See you in my next post!

Caleigh Michele



Beauty By Earth - Organic Self Tanner & Eye Cream Review

Hellooooo wonderful people! Today, I will be reviewing a few of Beauty By Earth's products that they sent over to me to try out a months ago. I've been using and getting a feel on these products for close to two months now and I am so happy to be sharing my honest thoughts with all of you! 

A little bit about the products I will be using is that they are 100% natural, use mostly organic ingredients, and are both vegan, non-GMO, and gluten free! 

ALL of the products that they make are 100% natural, use many organic ingredients, are all gluten free, and non-GMO! Also, a lot of the products on their site are vegan as well!


Self Tanner - $27.99

10/10 Recommend! 

Scent: Little to NO scent! After about 30 minutes to an hour I started to smell a little bit of the tanner, but it is NOT a normal self tanner, yucky smell! It's a very subtle lotion scent! Love this because I absolutely hate the smell of self tanners!

Last: The tan lasts me anywhere around 5-10 days! Depending on if I am in the sun or not, how bad I sweat, or now many showers I take!  

Color: Very golden brown, not orange at all! YAY! 

Effectiveness: Absolutely LOVE! It doesn't break me out at all and I love how buildable this tanner is. Would look absolutely gorgeous on all skin types. 

How to use: 

First, make sure you exfoliant the heck out of yo body! You can do this the day before to make this easier or right before you self tan! 

Use self tan body mit to apply tanning lotion all over the body! Using a quarter size of the product at once. 

Walk around and air off for a few minutes before putting on clothes or jumping into bed to refrain from getting tanner on any fabrics! 

By the sixth hour of letting it sit on your skin you can shower and rinse the excess off! If you want it to be a little darker, you can go ahead and add on another coat and repeat the process! It's a very buildable product!




Coffee Bean Eye Cream - $21.99

10/10 Recommend!

Scent: Little to NO scent! Which I love because I have very sensitive skin.

Effectiveness: This product was surprisingly very effective for me and I was very intrigued with the coffee bean eye cream, because I wanted to see if the caffeine would really wake up my under eyes. I was very skeptical! This product actually does what it claims! It's slightly cooling and tightening, but not overpowering and left my under eyes feeling more awake, refreshed, and way less puffy! 

How to use: 

After you wash your face, apple a tiny dot amount under and around each of your eyes. 

Repeat morning and night for the best results! 


I am so beyond in love with both these products and I am so thankful and happy I got to try them both out and let you know how they work so you can happily use them too! Here is a link to their site so you can go ahead and scope out the products I talked about in this post! I also did an in depth video about both of these products on my youtube channel that you can easily share with your friends and family as well! 

Beauty By Earth Website

Thank you so much for visiting me on the blog! Make sure you leave me some comments telling me your favorite natural beauty companies, I would love to know! Please share this post with your friends and family as it majorly helps me keep making this fun content for you all on the blog! Have a wonderful morning, evening, or night wherever you are in the world and I will chat with you in my next post!

Xoxo, Caleigh Michele